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General Rules

  • Real or genuine firearms are NOT permitted inside of LAG

  • If at anytime these rules become unclear, seek guidance from a referee at any time 

  • Do not blind fire (this includes prefiring corners) Replica must be soldered before firing 

  • Semi-automatic fire only (no full auto) 

  • Referees have final say 

  • We reserve the right to check your property to include you and your replica

  • .2 gram bbs | 350 fps | (1.1 joules)

  • Observe boundaries (don't go out the emergency exit or doors labeled do not enter)

  • Do not dry fire 


Code of conduct

  • Be respectful

  • No taunting 

  • Absolutely no vulgarity (cussing will happen. Don't be vulgar)

  • Avoid unnecessary pain 



  • Everyone is a safety coordinator (safety is everyone's responsibility)

  • Facemask- Full seal eye protection and something to cover your face. (under 18-FULL)

  • Do not fire your replica inside any safe zone (the only place not a safe zone is the ARENA)

  • Never dry fire your replica 

  • *The only designated space to do a function check your replica is the ARENA

  • When leaving the Arena every player will remove magazine and clear their replica

  • If you see someone without eyepro your must yell blind man repeatedly and point in the direction of the blind man

  • If you hear someone yelling blind man, you will ceasefire and echo blind man

  • Absolutely no physical contact between players

  • NO: climbing on, around or through anything 



  • A hit you your body is an elimination (if it's attached to you or your kit, it counts) 

  • Gun hits do not count 

  • Ricochet do not count 

  • Friendly fire is on

  • If your hit, you must yell hit or out.  you must raise your hand in the air, point the muzzle of your replica at the ground and walk out toward your respawn 

  • Any player faking elimination will be considered cheating and removed from the game

  • Dead men (and women) tell no tales 

  • No timeouts (if you must leave play area, you must stay until the next round. 

BANG RULE: We observe a strict bang rule. If you are less than 10 feet away from your opponent you will NOT squeeze your trigger. You will yell BANG, this will be considered a “bang kill”. You must say “1 Mississippi” between each bang kill.